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Ever wondered how hackers think?
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"Why You Need To Think Like a Hacker"

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I take your audience into the world of ethical hacking. I help them experience the wild, unexpected, often shocking stories of both companies who got security right, and those who didn't.

I then extract the key insights from those stories, translating them into advice your audience can go implement. (Much of which, I cover in my  #1 bestselling book Hackable).

Your audience will learn exactly what to do, why to do it, and how.

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Think Like a Hacker

This talk addresses the seemingly overwhelming collection of security concerns with which today’s leaders contend:

  • Is security a critical need for your organization, and one which you want to make sure you're doing right?

  • Are you struggling to understanding how hackers think, how they operate, how they break systems, and how to keep pace as they evolve?

  • Do you need to know how to defend accordingly?

  • Are you uncertain about whether your security investments are, in fact, actually making you any more secure?

  • Do you have the appetite and capacity for change?

If any of this describes you, this is the keynote for you! An engaging blend of research-based issue analysis combined with storytelling, this keynote seeks to show you with how to:

  • Implement a proven security method, based on years of practical experience in security research and security consulting, designed to help equip leaders like you deal with modern attackers

  • Define and implement a threat model

  • Differentiate between assessment methods

  • Understand level of attacker intensity

  • Challenge conventional wisdom

Best for:
Tech Leaders
People who:
  • Primary responsibility is tech in general; security is one aspect but not the entire job
  • Have titles such as: CEO, CTO, CIO, VP Engineering, Lead Developer, etc
Best for:
Security Professionals
People who:
  • Primary job function is security (or adjacent)
  • Have titles such as: CISO, Security Architect, Security Analyst, Compliance, Governance, Audit, etc

Hacking Vendors

Most companies work with lots of vendors, suppliers, and third-parties. In order to do business effectively, they have to trust these external groups with access to the company's most valuable assets. 

But what if the vendor gets hacked? How do you secure that ecosystem?


In this program, you'll learn the crucial ideas about securing your third-party eco-system, including: 

  • Who the attackers are, what motivates them, and what access to resources they have

  • What the common pitfalls are to the more commodity, standard assessments, what's missing, and how to overcome those gaps

  • What the more advanced attack tactics are that most security programs overlook, how they work, and how to deal with them

  • How to differentiate the various testing methods to determine if it will deliver the outcomes you seek to achieve

  • How to vet and approve vendors, suppliers, and other trusted third-parties for access to your most valuable assets

  • ... and more!

Why You Need to Think Like a Hacker

Maybe you're stuck. Maybe you are facing setbacks. Maybe you're just looking for a new way to achieve your goals.


How can you find new pathways to achieve your goals?

In this program, you'll learn:

  • The key mindset traits that most hackers have 

  • How to apply those traits to your own life

  • How you'll unlock new pathways to achieve your goals

Best for:
General Audience

People who:
  • Primary job function has nothing to do with security or even tech
  • Have titles such as: literally anything. This talk is for everyone!

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