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Your company builds an application.


You're responsible for the security of it.  

And you've got problems.

  1. You need to secure your app, and then prove it to your customers.

  2. But you're not sure what works, what doesn't, or even how much to spend (or maybe you think you do know these things, but don't realize what you're doing wrong)

Whether you're a CTO, CIO, CISO, VP Engineering, product owner, lead developer, or security professional, you know that the security struggle is real:

  • Developers juggle more than security

  • Security hurts UX & design

  • Security slows down development

  • Security questionnaires suck

  • Security never ends

  • Change is endless

  • Security isn't your whole job

  • You don't want to get hacked

  • You wish security was easier

  • You just want to be secure

Sound like you?

If so, this is the perfect book for you.

This book teaches you a method 

Here’s just a sample of the how-to's in this book:


  • How to think like an attacker

  • How to pick a methodology: white box vs. black box

  • How to figure out if you need penetration testing, or something else

  • How to find your security vulnerabilities, including especially custom exploits 

  • How to fix your security vulnerabilities

  • How to approach reassessments

  • How to figure out how much time, effort, and money to invest

  • How to establish a threat model

  • How to build security into the development process

  • How to earn trust & win sales

Image by Florian Olivo

As a result, you can: 

Fix vulnerabilities

Earn trust

Win sales

Watch Ted sign books!

2021-09 Ted Headshots-12_WEB.jpg

Because I know how to think like---and defend against---attackers

Why listen to me?

globe & mail.jpg
Hi, my name is Ted.  I lead a company of ethical hackers

We've hacked things like cars, phones, medical devices, password managers, IoT, cryptocurrency, and more.

We help secure companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Adobe, Qualcomm, and more.

The lessons in this book are drawn directly from that experience.

Literally everything in this book is field tested and proven to work.

You're in good hands.

Access exclusive content and insights from ethical hackers

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