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We break stuff

to help you build stuff

All of the insights taught in Ted's keynotes, books, and podcasts are drawn from his role leading one of the foremost groups of ethical hackers in the world: Independent Security Evaluators.


Security assessments   |   Security consulting

Watch ISE in Action

When companies need to solve complex security challenges, they come to ISE. 

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We help by delivering ethical hacking services, with expertise in:

  • Reverse engineering

  • Exploit development

  • Cryptography

  • Penetration testing

  • Secure software development

  • ... and more

In the process, we apply a manual, white-box methodology... because it's more effective, and more cost-efficient than more common black-box methodologies.

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As a result, our customers are able to build better, more secure products. And then prove it.

Read what we teach in the #1 best selling book about our method

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