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If you don’t fix your security vulnerabilities, attackers will exploit them.


It’s simply a matter of who finds them first. If you fail to prove that your software is secure, your sales are at risk, too. 


Whether you’re a technology executive, developer, or security professional, you are responsible for securing your application.  However, you’re uncertain about what works, what doesn’t, how hackers exploit applications, or how much to spend. Or, maybe you think you do know, but don’t realize what you’re doing wrong.


To defend against attackers, you must think like them.  As a leader of ethical hackers, Ted Harrington helps the world’s foremost companies secure their technology. Hackable teaches you exactly how. You’ll learn how to eradicate security vulnerabilities, establish a threat model, and build security into the development process.  You’ll build better, more secure products. You’ll gain a competitive edge, earn trust, and win sales.

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Need security testing, security consulting, or penetration testing?

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