If you don’t fix your security vulnerabilities, attackers will exploit them. It’s simply a matter of who finds them first. If you fail to prove that your software is secure, your sales are at risk, too. 


Whether you’re a technology executive, developer, or security professional, you are responsible for securing your application.  However, you’re uncertain about what works, what doesn’t, how hackers exploit applications, or how much to spend. Or, maybe you think you do know, but don’t realize what you’re doing wrong.


To defend against attackers, you must think like them.  As a leader of ethical hackers, Ted Harrington helps the world’s foremost companies secure their technology. Hackable teaches you exactly how. You’ll learn how to eradicate security vulnerabilities, establish a threat model, and build security into the development process.  You’ll build better, more secure products. You’ll gain a competitive edge, earn trust, and win sales.

Need security testing or consulting, in order to make your product more secure (and then prove it)?

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Reading with Coffee

"This book is not only going to help tech
leaders and the executives — it’s fully going to blow their minds!"

 - Jane B.

Reader's Resources
Robot with Shotgun

Threat Model: Example

Threat Modeling is an adversary-centric exercise that defines three crucial elements of your security program:

  1. Assets: what do you need to protect?

  2. Adversaries: who do you need to defend against?

  3. Attack surfaces: where will you be attacked?

Download a real-world example here:

Team Meeting

Threat Model: Team Exercise

Now that you know what a threat model includes, you want to establish one. Here's an exercise to walk your team through.

Remember: threat modeling is less about documentation, and more about understanding. Feel free to document the outcome of this exercise however best works for your team.... as long everyone understands and implements it!

Focusing at Work

Reverse Engineering: Walkthrough

Did you find the easter egg code embedded in the cover design? Are you ready to think like a hacker, and reverse engineer it?

Check out this step-by-step walkthrough so you can decipher the message.

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