Hi, I'm Ted.

I know how YOU feel...

... because we get to live every day in the shoes of our customers, who, just like you, are under siege and trying to deal with modern attackers.

I'm here to empower YOU with what we've found

As Executive Partner of one of the world’s leading security research & consulting firms -- Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) -- I am in the grateful position to help some of the world’s foremost technology companies solve some of their most serious business-threatening challenges.  

My mission: meaningful impact on YOUR security

On your quest to security excellence, I am your guide.

We like to break stuff.

(so we can help you make stuff better)

At ISE, we are a mission-driven group of ethical white hat hackers who help pioneering companies advance past the insufficient commodity approaches that entangle most organizations, in order to truly address and solve immensely challenging security problems.

We have published research hacking everything from cars to phones to medical devices and more; many of the insights woven into my keynotes are derived directly from ISE’s security research and security consulting practices.  Learn more about ISE here.

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